Update #1: The Journey Continues!

Since my last post I’ve been busy with life and still trying to get an hour or so of learning done a day. I’ve been using codecademy.com to teach myself HTML/CSS,  JavaScript, and Python.

I have been able to complete the HTML/CSS course, and have been bouncing between Java Script and Python. I switch when I get bored or stuck. I feel like it helps to change projects when they feel stale or boring.

My favorite thing about Code Academy is that switching languages is not a huge hassle, and the layout of every course is very similar in how they walk you through the different languages. Their forums are very helpful too being able to ask for help in a community is a big reason why I keep taking these steps into development.

While I am at work I also listen to podcasts which also motivate me to keep moving forward. The podcasts I listen to are a range of hardware/software related. These are just a few of the tech podcasts I listen to on a weekly basis. I will share/add more podcasts if people have suggestions.